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Lavazza Cremespresso – exclusive cold drink of espresso and cream. Velvety cream, complemented with small ice crystals, with the taste reminiscent of fresh velvety touch. Cremespresso is good for any time of the day; this is a refreshing alternative for tasty cappuccino or delicious dessert after a meal.

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EspresSOunique is a unique experience for a new espresso coffee recipes line! EspresSOunique reflects unseen aesthetic form of coffee, various combinations of flavors and textures.  

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I piaceri del cafe

  I piaceri del cafe is the first coffee menu in the world created by Lavazza. Unbelievable combinations of coffee and various syrups, cold coffee recipes.

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Gelo espresso

Authentic cold Italian coffee by Lavazza – Gelo espresso, a product that combines quality and innovation. The taste and aroma are guaranteed by the special method of preparation. Lavazza Innovation and Training Centre has patented a special device for Gelo espresso – a coffee cooler. It is special for its unusual shape of a truncated […]

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Passion me

Cold drink of espresso and passion fruit juice with a base of espresso and… you! Step 1: Pour 80 ml of passion fruit juice into a glass and insert a small twig of fresh mint. Then, prepare 1 cup of espresso (bartender). Step 2: Remove the lid from the cup-glass and put 4-5 ice cubes […]

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