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Lavazza Training Center interior

Certified “Lavazza Training Center”’ opened its doors in July 2017.  This coffee training center opened by company “’Amoka’” is working in accordance with “’Lavazza Training Center standards: both furniture, equipment and trainings are conducted in accordance with the global standards and programs of such centers. You will find “Lavazza Training Center”: Žirmūnų Verslo centras Žirmūnų […]

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Lavazza Training Center opening in Vilnius

In July 2017 Lithuania joined the world’s largest network of ”Lavazza Training Center”. The new coffee training center opened by “Amoka” will provide professional trainings and knowledge about coffee, starting from coffee planting to a drink in a cup. It is stated, that here you will be able to get acquainted with the latest trends […]

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Lavazza in town

“Lavazza” coffee at our customers cafes, bars and towns.

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Amoka coffee recipes

For each beverage, the proportions of ingredients are extremely important. Watch the video on how much coffee, milk, syrup, or other ingredients you use to produce a variety of coffee beverages.

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Amoka barista trainings

JSC “Amoka” constantly carries out training of its clients baristas. During training, coffee trainers introduce the theoretical details of the preparation of coffee and do a lot of practical exercises. Upon completion of the training, the barista will be ready to make a real Italian espresso, perfectly shaked cappuccino and other “Lavazza” coffee beverages.  

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Amoka training classes

At Amoka’s training classes baristas will be introduced to all coffee processes – from a coffee bean to espresso in a cup. Our coffee technologists are ready to reveal all rules and refinements of coffee preparation.

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