Coffee crockery

Espresso coffee cup, 70 ml

Espresso coffee cup with saucer.

Cappuccino coffee cup, 165 ml

Cappuccino coffee cup with saucer.

Caffe latte coffee cup 300 ml

Caffe latte or double cappuccino cup with saucer.

Milk jug

Milk jug.

Glasses for coffee drinks

Glasses for various coffee drinks.
Capacity: 100 ml and 270 ml.

Take away cup, 100 ml

Take away espresso cup.

Take away cup, 270 ml

Take away cup for black coffee, coffee with milk or cappuccino.

Take away cup, 360 ml

Take away cup for double cappuccino.

Disposable coffee stirrers

Napkins stand

Stand for paper napkins.

Paper napkins

Paper napkins to serve with a cup of coffee keep or on the table. Designed to keep in a napkin holder.

Sugar bowl

Sugar bowl for sugar sachets, sweetener or stirrers.


Cup tray.