Reklaminė medžiaga

Exceptional design Lavazza GO ! coffee cups holder

Coffee cup holder, constructed to stand on the counter, is designed to help draw the attention of consumers to the point of sale (café, restaurant ) proposed as an additional service – takeaway coffee .
 Dimensions: 44×28 cm.

Stand on espresso machine

Stand is designed to be build on the espresso machine to increase the visibility.The stand is made from organic glass and stainless steel.
Dimensions: 19,5×33 cm.

Promotional board

Advertising board is made from organic with glass and stainless steel. Plate for mounting on the wall outside or inside the bar .
Dimensions: 40x40x3 cm.

Double-sided illuminated billboard

Double-sided illuminated billboard for mounting outdoors. The panel is made from organic glass and stainless steel.
Dimensions: 45x45x15 cm.

Advertising windows tapes

Tape for stick on cafe / bar windows.
 Dimensions: 350×25 cm or 110×25 cm.

Popieriniai maišeliai

Popieriniai maišeliai kavai susidėti.
Maišelio dydis: 32x11x26 cm.

Rain umbrella

Large umbrella from the rain or the sun to protect themselves.


Can be used as a key ring or be hung on the neck.

Ballpoint pen

Ballpoint pen for note-taking.
Writing color: blue.