BLUE machines

LB 910

Ultra-compact espresso machine. Suitable both the home and the office, where coffee consumption is not high.

  • power: 1300 W
  • voltage: 220/240 V
  • dimensions: 13×23.5x 36cm
  • water container: 1.2 l
  • weight: 3.6 kg
  • material: ABS plastic
  • water level control
  • automatic ejection of used capsules in a special container
  • full capsule container signal
  • used capsule container capacity: 8 capsules
  • automatic coffee dosage
  • energy-saving function.

LB 951

With its elegant, soft lines and refined, exclusive design, the Lavazza Blue LB 951 easy cleaning and maintenance make it extremely practical to use. The great espresso for small environments.

  • power: 1200 W
  • voltage: 220/240 V
  • dimensions: 20×28x 32cm
  • water container: 1.7 l
  • weight: 4.6 kg
  • material: ABS plastic
  • management, coffee doses
  • automatic ejection of used capsules into the drawer (the drawer holds up to 10 used capsules)
  • double cup-support rack for placing large cups
  • counter to control the consumption of coffee
  • energy saving function

LB 1100

Exclusive Pininfarina design, compact and easy to use espresso machine. LB 1100 is ideal for use in small cafes or at home where consumption is about 200 to 500 cups per month. For those who prioritise cleanliness and reliability.

  • power: 1600 W
  • voltage: 220/240 V
  • dimensions: 36.5x29x 27.5 cm
  • water container: 1.8 l
  • weight: 8.7 kg
  • material: PC
  • water level control;
  • automatic ejection of used capsules in a special container
  • dual electronic system,
  • full capsule container signal
  • used capsule container capacity 18 to 20 capsules
  • double grille for cups – for large cup, folding upper grille
  • automatic metering
  • automatic coffee dosage
  • electronically adjustable coffee, water and steam temperature
  • energy-saving function
  • water-saving mode
  • steam/hot water tube.

LB 1001

This Pininfarina modern features the best design and is a technologically advanced product for a small bar, office or similar environment. The machine is compact and easy to use. The machine is ideal for monthly consumption of about 200 to 500 capsules.

  • power: 1050 W
  • voltage: 230 V
  • dimensions: 36.5x29x27.5 cm
  • water container: 1.5 l
  • weight: 8.7 kg
  • automatic ejection of used capsules in a special container
  • used capsule container capacity 10 to 12 capsules
  • lattice large and small cups help
  • steam tube.

LB 2302

Pininfarina dizaino espresso kavos aparatas, idealus naudoti tose HoReCa vietose, kur kavos suvartojimas yra 500-1000 kavos puodelių per mėnesį. Aparatas reikalauja minimalios priežiūros. Yra automatizuota garo sistema pieno kremui paruošti, todėl tinkamas naudoti ten, kur nėra profesionalaus barmeno. Šį aparatą naudoja sporto arenos, pramogų centrai, naktiniai klubai, visur kur vyksta įvairūs renginiai.

  • galingumas: 1600 W
  • įtampa: 230V
  • išmatavimai: 47,3×39,1x 32,7 cm
  • vandens konteinerio talpa: 4 l
  • svoris: 10,5 kg
  • medžiaga: ABS
  • vandens lygio kontrolė
  • automatinė apskaita;
  • automatinė vandens temperatūros patikra
  • garo/karšto vandens vamzdelis
  • galimybė nustatyti: porcijas, veikimo  pradžios laiką, temperatūrą, vandens kalkių nuosėdų valymo programą.
  • turi vandens taupymo rėžimą.

LB 2317

The new coffee machine LB 2317 is a modern solution suitable for both a small bar and an office or home. The coffee machine has a touch screen that allows you to make 8 different coffee drinks with a single click and 3 additional programs. LB 2317 has two Thermoblock heaters, so it works very quickly and reliably. An exceptional feature of this coffee machine is the milk foam and the ability to connect a natural milk refrigerator.
  • power: 1450 W
  • voltage: 220-240 V
  • water container: 4 l
  • used capsule container capacity: 25 capsules
  • automatic cleansing
  • milk foam (possibility to use with a natural milk refridgerator)
  • hot water spout.

LB 2500 Plus

Ideal machine for offices or small cafes consuming about 700-2000 cups per month. Perfectly makes all coffee drinks with milk because of a special frothing function.
  • power: 1450 W
  • voltage: 220-240 V
  • dimensions: 26x47x40 cm
  • water container: 3 l
  • weight: 12 kg
  • used capsule container capacity: 20 capsules
  • grille for large and small cups
  • energy saving.

LB 4101

Modern and compact design, easy to control machine for professional use. All the best specifications of professional coffee machine. Recommended when you need high-quality coffee, for consumption about 800-3000 cups per month. For high quality coffee, good steam and high quality milk and cream, and its exceptional attractive appearance, is widely used in hotels and restaurant bars.
  • power: 2300 W
  • voltage: 230 V
  • dimensions: 56x 48×46,7 cm
  • water container: 4 l
  • weight: 30 kg
  • automatic cappuccino froth production
  • manual capsule insertion/removal;
  • cup heating grille
  • steam/hot water tube
  • programmable water doses
  • dentification of coffee servings.

Wega LB 4700

LB 4700 WEGA is a sturdy, professional machine, meeting all expert requirements with its reliability. The machine is recommended when the monthly consumption is 2000-6000 capsules.

  • power: 3700 W
  • voltage: 230 V/400 V
  • dimensions: 56x72x53 cm
  • water container: 10.5 l
  • weight: 76 kg
  • automatic cappuccino froth production
  • manual capsule insertion/removal
  • cup heating grille
  • steam/hot water tube
  • programmable water doses
  • identification of coffee servings
  • boiler and water pump gauge.

Cup warmer

Compact, practical and modern. It ensures that the cups are always at the right temperature.
  • connected to the power grid
  • cup warmer and two LB 2302 devices should be operated independently of one another
  • for use only with LB 2302 coffee machines
  • dimensions: 71.3×83.9 x50 cm
  • weight 15 kg.